Cape 31 Progress

by Michael Giles

Uwe Jaspersen from Carbotech, was appointed to build the Cape31 locally.

Input was gathered from those that had sailed Flame, and it was decided to make some minor changes.

Prior to construction of boat #2, the deck mould was retooled to accommodate:
1) A sliding hatch,
2) A new, simplified mainsheet pod
3) A new companion-way hatch incorporating the jib up/down control system.

This pushed back the launch schedule by 3-4 weeks. To date hulls # 2, 3 & 4 are sailing with hulls # 5 and 6 due to launch in the next weeks, and production for 7 & 8 following asap. The construction time is between 3-4 weeks per boat.

Hurricanes in the USA have caused some minor material and equipment supply issues, but plans are being made to fast-track delivery.

1709 progress

Second Cape 31 Launch

by Michael Giles

We launched the first Cape 31 off our local production line yesterday. All went very smoothly and most importantly, Steve and Rodney are over the moon with their boat.

However, we have managed to negotiate that the next three rigs will be built at the current price.

1706 ski

2017 Mykonos Offshore Regatta

Report back by Alex Schon

"I would first of all like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for making the charter of the Cape 31 possible.

Mike Giles was very helpful on all counts and certainly made this experience a very memorable one for my entire team.

The fact that Nigel was on board only added to this very positive experience. His in-depth knowledge of this type of boat, as well as his ability to communicate the do’s and dont’s in a very professional manner, greatly assisted the crew (especially me) and I simply cannot praise him enough.

Organising the charter at the last hour meant that I had to choose some inexperienced crew, and the way that Nigel handled this situation was exemplary.